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(Almost) Webcasting

As I read and listen to the posts of others and see/hear your enthusiastic voices, I am greatly encouraged that my technical difficulties will soon be overcome. With some initial help from Lee's great screencasts, I was able to get most of my settings correct. Then, about two and a half hours ago with the help of Lisa and Jason, I was able to get all the settings nailed down and actually stream on Sandbox B. That felt good, until I listened to the archive and then realized that I could only hear Jason, not me!

So, I watched the screencasts again, tried to change some more settings, and went back to work. About an hour and a half ago, I skyped a friend (who kindly interrupted her SL adventures to talk to me) but was, again, only able to capture her end of the conversation.

Then, an hour ago and in desperation, I skyped Lee, and she helped me tweak the settings once more. Again, I streamed, but could capture nothing. So, Lee has determined it is a Mac/USB problem and is checking it out now.

Where does this leave me for now?  Well, I am cautiously optimistic that I understand the basis of doing a simple webcast, and assuming that I can get the settings right here before it is all said and done. This is encouraging for me personally in two ways. One, it shows that I can participate in an engaging online learning experience that pushes me beyond what I already know and still hang with it. Two, as a teacher educator, it reminds me of the fact that learning technology - and the literacies associated with it - is a complex task, one that will demand a great deal of attention in my courses if I hope for pre-service teachers to learn these skills in a meaningful context.

I am pleased to know that so many of you are having success with the webcasting and that you are already conceptualizing shows. I am not quite there yet, although I applaud everyone who plans to graduate in the near future - I hope to be that far in a few more weeks. I appreciate the help that everyone is providing in this community and look forward to reaching that goal with you.

Talk to you tomorrow night.

Troy (hickstro)


Settings for Troy

Troy, I record and webcast with a USB logitech mic and my ipod earbuds. My luck with headsets has not been terrific.

So, keep trying. I am on my second set of headset and 2 second logitech mic.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

That's OK!

That's ok because it's just one more thing to fix and still moving in the right direction! The only way to learn is to have fun trying, right? Now how can we create this spirit of sharing and enthusiasm with our students. Wouldn't it be great if they felt the way we do this summer? Think about gaming. Students keep playing because it is hard and as soon as they win at one level, they move a level higher, where they will encounter new problems, just as you have this week. Why can't we create this spirit in school? Imagine how many hours we all sit in school- that 's a lot of time! 


Susan Ettenheim

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