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Bumpy Ride - Task 3

Argghh!  Third task - not so smooth as second task.  Had success streaming (with the help of the most incredible and dedicated Durff!) in Sandbox A on Tuesday night at 10pm - and I know I was actually streaming as Sagittarian's Stream as my very good partner Jason could hear Durff and I talking!  Unfortunately, no such success with recording the stream - only my voice is present and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not using a USB mic yet. (Hence no homework posted).  Alas all is not lost - received a phone call at lunchtime today to say my mic has arrived so I'm off to pick it up now.  Won't make it to our 3rd session this week and will have to listen to the podcast and check out the chat notes and homework notes for the next task.  Will also be relying on my faithful partner to help me out with streaming again.  (Thanks Jason!!)


Chrissy my reply

Well, Chrissy, if you are using a mac, and only got your side of the conversation, then, all you need to do is select hijack and you too will have both sides. If you are PC, then check out Julies reflection, she has a great description.

Cheryl Oakes

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That's how you learn!

We'll take stock tonight of what everyone needs. You'll find that many people are having similar issues. The main thing is that everyone is taking small steps this week but moving in the right direction! 


Susan Ettenheim



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