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Julie's week 2 reflection

Week two… it really only week two? I can’t be streaming already?!!!

But for as many trials and errors I have had, I am just glad I survived thus far! I have to first thank everyone, especially Durff, Cheryl, Susan, and Jeff, on the webcast academy skype chat, you were all so helpful and truly concerned to get me up and running. A bit about my attempt(s) so others can learn:

1. I am on my 3rd mic. I went to buy a USB mic, only to get home and realize there is only one plug in for the mic and headset, so I exchanged it for a desktop mic……no headset. I need to now go back and get a headset instead of my speakers, because I could hear the ‘repeater’ going in the background of my stream. I just now hope that all the settings will be an easy change when this new device is in play.


2. My volume properties did not look like the screen cast. What did I choose? That was the dilemma and a big trial and error. I finally got “Record Master” not (what U hear) to be the one selected that worked with recording and hearing. If you can’t see the voice side bars move up and down in Simplecast when you are talking. Stop. Go back. And fix your volume properties.


3. Also, before Simplecast, I had problems with Audacity. I did not have the dropdown box activated to even see if ‘what U hear’ was an option. This took me a while. I believe how we fixed this was under ‘edit’ ‘preference’, ‘Audio I/O’, I selected my sound card for both the playback and recording devices. This allowed my drop down box in the mixer toolbar to become activated…but still no ‘what U hear’. Instead I chose ‘Record Master’ to match the volume properties that I chose earlier.


Those were my main issues of the past few days. I feel good to get this far, but I know there were a few things I was still missing; the earphones, and I only had the password for sandbox B, so I didn’t have both MP3 files stream, just sandbox B.

I am also not sure about the chat room and seeing how many listeners I have. I need to go through the management of those items. But I have time, and a little patience left!


Signing off,

Julie Schumacher


Julie is LIVE

Great job reflecting, I almost understand the intensity that you must go though to get the PC settings and sound cards and .... well, if you have gotten this far, the rest is EASY. It sounds like you may be thinking of having your show by yourself, and while it is possible, it ismore fun to have a team mate. Even a team mate who can just entertain people in the chat while you are fixing all the behind the scene things. See if your dad would help, he sounded great!

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

Congrats to Julie

You know, Julie, Jeff and Dave always said they started this to have more people to help them! It has certainly been true for me that the only way you keep learning is to share and keep working the problem! You will get busy as summer ends and have to re-do your settings many times, but the fun only increases! Thanks for your contributions! 

Susan Ettenheim

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