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The International Intern Show

Join our international interns as they discuss what it is like to be a webcastacademy intern in the class of 2.2 and how they plan to use their newfound webcasting skills. Global times here. Streaming on Sandbox B and Worldbridges B.


International Intern Show

Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY


I've got to check out the time, but as long as it is not 3 in the morning, I hope to be there. 

Engines are ready - all systems are GO!

Hi Folks,

Just had a skype chat with the incomparable Lisa Durff and this event seems to fit in just before my session with Terry Freedman, so I am good to go! I think Chrissy from the "land of the long white cloud" can make it, my good(bad) self from "the land down under", hopefully Terry from the "green and pleasant land" can join us, and [name, country nickname]. (<---your names go there).

If you want to be involved, please reply to this comment or drop us a Skype message (jhando is Skype ID).

Let's think of something zany and fun for the show, such as:

  • the worst national food you've ever eaten
  • one time you were embarrassed to be an ______an (Canadian, Australian, Englishman, Kiwi-an, etc)
  • something embarrassing you did when you were a kid
Whatya reckon'? Can we do it Team Internationale?


Jason Hando,  jhando (Skype, Twitter)


Jason Hando

jhando@gmail.comjhando (Skype, Twitter)

Hi, Jason and all, As I

Hi, Jason and all,


As I just wrote elsewhere - I must check the hour, and as long it is not in the middle of the night, I hope to be there. Right now, though, I MUST make a pot of tea. ("What nationality is this bloke?")  I'm gasping. 



Dennis Newson Osnabrueck GERMANY

Alarm is set!

Alarm is set and ready to go!  Looking forward to our show - have my shiny new USB mic - just about to test it out with the skype lady (because no one is online at the moment!!) 

NZChrissy,  nzchrissy (skypeID) tchgsagittarian (twitter)

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