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Lisa Parisi and The Road to Successful Streaming

What a long, hard road it was to finally get a successful week 2 assignment completed.  I spent approximately 15 hours trying to troubleshoot the setting issues.  I was successful recording and streaming my own voice but could not manage to get anyone else's voice. 

So using Jeff's screencast and Alice's checklist (liked the checklist better...I'm an organizational person more than visual), I carefully followed the steps to set up the screencast.  Over and over and over.  I tried alone.  I tried with my husband, who is my at-home technical troubleshooter.  I enlisted and received help from so many Webcast Academy people - Jeff, Lee, Susan, Cheryl, Chrissy, Durff, Alice, Maria, Sharon...I can't even remember everyone who helped.  It seemed that everytime I came into the Skype chat and asked for help, I got it.  And many times, when I didn't even ask, people would offer to run through it with me again.

Just a little digression: It amazes me how wonderful everyone in the Academy is.  People were willing to spend hours with me, running through the settings, listening to my laments, chatting, supporting.  Chrissy even stayed up until after 2 AM to work through it.  Unbelievable!  I have NEVER worked with people like this.  I am usually the person people come to for help and when I need help, I have to solve my problems myself.  What a difference having support makes to completing a project.

So...finally, early on Thursday morning, while the rest of my family slept, Susan, Chrissy, and I worked through the settings once again.  Lee joined in after about an hour and had us start again.  And, eventually, Lee suggested changing the Skype settings.  Susan and I were both skeptical.  The setting changes meant sound comes in through the mic but out through the desktop speakers.  So I set myself up with the headset mic slung around my neck so the mic was near my mouth and separate headphones were plugged into my desktop speakers and on my ears. A strange look but it worked!

Later that day, I came back online and enlisted Sharon and Susan for help in finally completing a successful streaming conversation.  Didn't spend time editing much...just wanted to get it up.  Now onto the show.  Hopefully this assignment  will go much smoother! 





Way to Go, Lisa

Dear Lisa,

 I'm really glad you could make it and didn't give up! Great job! I'm sure you'll have many webcasting hours ahead of you!


Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator

Lisa Parisi and Harry Potter

Hi Lisa

I'm sooo glad you managed!!! I heard you loud and clear and it sounds like you were doing a great job of leading the discussion, but signed off before you could give too much away. I'll certainly go back and listen once I've read the newest Potter book.


Worth It

It's such a buzz to support others!  It certainly helps with the frustration levels.  Helping you and seeing you be successful gave me hope and the incentive to keep going.    Good luck with the Harry Potter show - I'd love to be there "live" but unfortunately it's 3am for me (but then I've been known to completely fuddle-up timezone differences!).  I'll look for your audio post of it!
NZ Chrissy


Thanks Chrissy.  I know you too will be successful very soon!  I have faith.

Lisa Parisi

"I teach, therefore, I am."

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