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Catching Up with Casting

Last week, I was having some trouble with Nicecast and Skype, and Lee was kind enough to take on my problem and help solve it. While I am still a little unsure of the complete technical description of the problem, Lee was able to walk me through my settings tonight and here are some things that we discovered.

Here is some new Information from Lee's travels through Nicecast settings:
If you are using the latest version of Nicecast, as available from website (, you can easily use a USB headset to webcast.  Here's how: after selecting Skype as your source in the "Source" drawer, click the "Advanced..." button (also in the "Source" drawer), and select "Hijack All Audio Streams" (also known as "MegaMix") as your preference. After doing this, try streaming, and see if that causes both sides of the conversation to stream.

When you select "Hijack All Audio Streams," Nicecast checks to see what audio streams are being used by the application (Skype), which would include any input streams from any microphones. So, as long as Skype is working, and you can hear the other party, and they can hear you, Nicecast should work if you just select "Hijack All Audio Streams" as your setting.

Things to Know In Case:

  • In Nicecast, you may encounter a "Hijack Install" error. This doesn't seem to have anything to do with the program Audio Hijack. Rather, it is a component of Nicecast that needs to be installed. It might happen automatically for some (as Lee didn't recall having to do it), but when I switched to MegaMix, it required me to install it.
  • I was working with Skype and it would crash every time Lee asked me to change my channel from 1 to 2 in the audio output of the MIDI settings. Perhaps that was just a quirk with my computer, or with Skype, but we figured maybe that would be something to do once Nicecast was started and you were setting up your USB headphones, but before Skyping.
  • Finally, I installed the Sound Source plug-in that Lee recommended. While I can't attest to whether or not that really helped with the technical glitches, it does (as she noted in her screencast) make things easier to control in terms of audio.

So, that is what I have learned over the past few hours based on what Lee has spent the last week figuring out. I appreciate her time and energy and look forward to trying out a show here in the near future.

Troy (hickstro)

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