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Lisa Parisi's Ultimate Harry Potter Show

This is my first show.  My guests were Alice Mercer, Jennifer Wagner, and, my daughter, Ali Parisi.  Without them, I would have had quite a chat with myself and listeners would have been bored to tears.  So thank you, Guests, for making my show enjoyable.  You are all great conversationalists.

Behind the scenes were two very special people: Susan and Lee, both of whom came unexpectedly and were most valuable to the production of this show.  Susan helped me set up, tested equipment with me, and monitored my chat room (I need MUCH practice running a chat room while running a conversation).  Lee kept showing up behind the scenes with messages about sound quality.  You are able to hear everyone because of her.  Susan and Lee, thank you so much for being part of my show.  I've said it before but the people who are part of the Webcast Academy are the most helpful people I've ever worked with.  And you two are prime examples!

As far as sound leveling goes, I did my best through Audacity.  I still have a lot to learn about editing but I'm pretty sure you can hear everyone loudly enough to enjoy the show.  I'm also sorry about the length.  I tried very hard to cut it down to 15 minutes but just couldn't.  This was originally a 56 minute show so getting down to 26 minutes is, I think, quite an accomplishment.  Enjoy!  

audio | by Dr. Radut