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Durff's set-up

Here is a picture of my audio set-up. The resulting webcasting is uploaded elsewhere...
This is my checklist that worked today:

  • Reboot
  • Start browser
  • Open volume control from systems tray. Click on options, properties, mixer device = Realtek HD audio rear output (sound card)
  • Open Audacity.
  • Open VAC. Wave in=USB mic; Wave out=soundcard buffer=100 sample rare=44100 bits=22 buffer=16 channels=2 channel config=stereo
  • Start Simplecast
    • Click Encoders and start all by right clicking on the encoders i already have set up.
    • Click start
  • Skype audio settings=mic=USB speakers=Realtek HD Audio rear output
  • Call the patient skype lady
  • Check the stream and simplecast to see if both sides of conversation are captured
  • Start the recording in Audacity
  • Initiate the Skype conference call

Screenshot of Durff's setup.JPG227.52 KB

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