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Kicking the stream

Carla and I just had a great game of stream-football, where we practiced how to kick each other out of the stream in order to take over. Quite easy, really. It was also fun just to talk.

It's funny how you can get close to people simply through chat, but as soon as you can hear each other's voice and talk and react, it becomes intensified. After only just a couple times it feels like talking to an old friend. 


Now I'm preparing for our first public webcast. I'm also realizing that there are a LOT of things to remember. Simple things such as starting the stream or adding the microphone to the audio repeater and just a couple of the little things that can keep you from being heard.

I also think that Skype had better makes some serious improvements, or there will soon be something much better, ie. more stable and people like me will be flocking to that alternative!

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