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Julie's Week 3 Reflection

My first webcast show was an experience…a learning experience—as it should have been, I guess! Last week it was suggested I have a co-host with me for my shows. I decided to have a co-host that was a subject-matter-expert for my topic, but not on the technology! I had her download Skype over the weekend, but I had been out of town, so we could not practice until 15 minutes before show time—not a good idea! She had tested out her Skype, but when I called, her internet connection and microphone I could tell were not the best. Luckily during the show, her internet stayed connected just fine, but I can tell a difference in the quality of our mics- something to keep in mind for the future.

I also had troubles streaming on Sandbox A, B-was no problem, but A would not connect- I think I may have the IP or password incorrect?? But the listeners did not have any troubles accessing Sandbox B. I had 6 in the chatroom, but it moved pretty slow. Another thing I want to improve is that I could hear myself typing as it picked up through my mic.

I also learned to always have a backup for recording. I got everything set up and forgot to press ‘record’ on Audacity—the easiest step! However, I had check the box in Simplecast and found the recording in the file, uploaded the file to audacity and was still able to do all of my editing there. Editing I found to be time consuming, but worth it! It is amazing how much better the sound can be taking away ums, ahhs, high peaks from hitting mics, etc.

I was very nervous to do this webcast- actually, I think my nerves were more focused on the technology, something not going right, than actually what I was going to say. Also, an outline works really well to help keep the flow of the webcast. I am really looking forward to starting out with another pilot group with dietetic educators/dietitians. Just a few more glitches to figure out and I think I will be good to go!


-Julie Schumacher

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