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staying alive

Well - I took the easy way out. Sharon Peters and I recorded (and streamed without announcing it) a show on books. With time constraints, I edited it in Garageband rather than Audacity. I do have to spend more time with Audacity, but work has started, and I'm going to have to get to my webcasting slowly. Found out I have to compact my file in Garageband in order to have it save at 64 kbs. I thought it did not upload (too big originally) so I tried to edit and replace the file. The info about the audio did not change, but I got a message that my entry was updated. Still learning.....


compacting stream

You can export it to iTunes and then share to an mp3 file - just make sure you check your preferences first that the mp3 is set to 64. 


Susan Ettenheim

I checked mine

 and it is set right, but the website insists not, so it wouldn't do this flash player. I am too tired to fight with the website now....


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