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Streaming without skype

Carla Arena, Dennis Oliver, Dennis Newson, Erika Cruvinel and I had planned a great session on reading treasures with everything planned and organized. However, Skype choose exactly this moment to detach itself from the rest of the world. So after several minutes of ho-humming, Carla and I took the stream without Skype and kept it up separately, each talking to ourselves.

We tried Yugma, but there is no audio there, at least not in my cheap-o version, so that was not an alternative. It also had to be something people could log on quickly without much downloading, installing etc. So off Carla went to check if there was a free room in Alado for us to continue and actually talk to each other.

Thank you, listeners for your comments and help while I tried to think of interesting and intelligent things to say. 

 For the benefit of those that may after us confront such problems, I am posting the unedited begin of our session in Sandbox B. Note the many hesitations and empty spaces at the beginning. However, after a couple of minutes I found the rhythm and  began talking on the subject with my listeners helping me along the way.   - Jeff, how did you manage to do it so long without an audience? Truely amazing!

I have learned the following from this experience:

  • Those listening to the stream can hear you even if there doesn't seem to be anyone out there - so talk!
  • We should be trying out streaming with a number of different platforms as skype apparently no longer can be trusted. (we actually saw thiscoming, didn't we. It hasn't been particularly stable of late )
  • Working in a team is an immense help!!!! Thanks everyone!

So below you will see a screenshot of the chatroom while all was amiss, and also see the audio files  for 15 minutes of streaming about skype problems and, more importantly, reading treasures. 

reading_treasures2.JPG188.92 KB

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