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How to Register SAM

Hey Folks...

During our last webcast, Sam went nuts and gave me a nice message about registering SAM... Jeff, any news on group registration? Or should I just spend the $199?


- Alex

Sam Options

There used to be a 'DJ seat' option for Sam ($50) on the website, but don't see it any more. One other option worth considering before handing over any money, is Simplecast - Sam's little cousin. Less sophisticated, but should handle basic streaming functionality.
Only $60 to buy and the trial version never seems to expire. Have had a few problems getting it to work with some sound cards, but works fine with mine.

same question

Hi- I just listened to your last podcast in the car over the weekend and can't wait to visit the resources. Great show!

I have the same problem and same question about SAM. We're interviewing another author tomorrow and I hate to get that message but I also hate spending $199! -all advice appreciated!


This is what i've been using, and so far, it works great. They haven't asked me to pay for it yet (price tag is 60 bucks) but i find it alot easier to work with than sam broadcaster!

Me Too

I switched to Simplecast as well and I am happy with it. I'll post a screencast soon.

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