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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 9PM Eastern Time

When setting up group blogs or wikis in schools, one of the first set of questions has to do with the focus of the blog or wiki.

* Is the site about the content of a particular course which a new group of students joins each semester?
* Or is the blog/wiki for the particular group of students in a class, and therefore it closes at the end of a class?

Other questions quickly follow:

* Is the blog/wiki going to be public or private? Will readers be limited to those who we register or will registration be open? Who will have premission to write responses or new posts to the blog/wiki? Will there be a review process before something gets posted?
* Would it be best if we could give students their own blogs/wikis, and aggregrate these into one class-wide or school-wide blog?
* Or is there something more useful about having a group class-wide blog/wiki? How can we set up blogs/wikis that have multiple classes and schools using them, yet make it possible for individual students and classes to see their work separately?

By now some of us have tried any number of these possibilities. Let's get together and talk about what has gone well and what hasn't in designing blogs and wikis for our classrooms and schools. Let's tell our stories with an eye to the future of what we might do next year.


How can I participate?

I stumbled across this website from another blog...

I've tried dialing the 402-756-9000 number, and I've also looked for Susan in Skype but she's not showing up as online.

I noticed that right at 9:00 the Online Users list started filling up, but I don't see how to get in on the discussion.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm "Josh Gilbert" in Skype, or you can e-mail me:


Hi Josh, Sorry you had

Hi Josh,

Sorry you had trouble- please visit us at and every Wednesday at 9pm eastern time here in the chat room.

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