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The Educational Bloodbath Show!!! (tell us what you think)

I found myself today chatting with my webcasting partner in crime Chrissy about what to do next as interns at the Webcast Academy. By the end of the convo we found ourselves laughing about show ideas for post-academy life and Chrissy comes up with this u-beaut title, "The Educational Bloodbath Show!!!" (disclaimer: actually it was my idea for the title but her idea for the show)

Here's the pitch:  Weekly show where we tackle the controversial topics in education.... HEAD-ON, NO PRISONERS!

Possible topics:

  1. Primary teachers work harder than secondary teachers
  2. Men teach better than women
  3. A liberal government is better for education than a conservative government
  4. IT support staff in schools should do what teachers tell them to do
  5. Parents should have more say in how schools are run
  6. Macs are better than Windows PCs
  7. Schools suck, lets get rid of them and start over

 So, my dear webcasting friends, what do you think of such an idea?

(runs and hides under his desk)


I like...

I've been pitching a policy/politics show about education.

Question: Is there some core of seriousness to this? The subject does beg for irony, parody, and a lot of tongue in cheek, but I think there is a core of "reality" too.

I'm thinking a rotating show with various folks on topical topics like politics, books, culture, humor, etc.? Maybe call it the Intern Mashup or something. You come in with the Bloodbath, I do Alice's Restaurant chatting with folks, Lisa P. could do book chats. If we all commit to a time/date but we don't have to do it each week, that would make it more manageable. And we could join each other now and again too. There is probably enough schedule time, and space for all of us to have separate shows, BUT a weekly, and even a bi-weekly show is a big commitment (trust me on this).

thisi s incredible

Just the perfect show for grabbing an audience! I am so there.

To improve reading students must just read books, no audio books allowed!

That will light some fires, it lit mine.

Cheryl Oakes

Webhead 2006, Collaborative Content Coach for Technology K-12, Wells Ogunquit CSD 

Loved the idea, Jason and Chrissy!

Dear Jason and Chrissy,

 Your show will rock! Just loved the topics. Count me in! And the last topic is all about "What kids would like to learn or would need to learn for their future, they don't really learn at school!"

So, when's the first show?

Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator

Great idea

I think this ia a great concept for a show, and one that would I'm sure be very popular. I think that the list of potential topics you've listed are great. Another one that you might add--and one that caused quite a discussion the last time it came up--is "dates aren't important when studying history"

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