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Transition from WCA to Webcasting

Well, today was graduation day for me, and now I have questions about how to transition to a show of my own. When do we quit Webcasting here, and move to Ed Tech Talk? I'm sort of re-doing this process, since I did a lot of this with It's Elementary (although Jose took care of many of the technical issues). Here is what I recall:

  1. You need to answer the Big Six Questions
  2. Do I stay in the Sandbox for a while, then move over?
  3. How about for a periodic show, that doesn't have a regular schedule?

Here is my answer to the Big Six:


1. What is your show concept?

Alice's Restaurant will be a conversation based on a topic or question related to education specific politics and policy. My first two shows here centered around a series of blog posts on education reform. I am planning another show now on special education and the perspective of teachers (Lisa P.) and parents (myself and Glenn Moses) and how understanding these perspectives can help us make better decisions for everyone, including the children. After that, I'd like to do some conversations around community and other types of organizing.

2. Who would be on the show? Tell us about each host

Alice Mercer: This is a solo venture, since I will largely be doing one-on-one conversations, and I will not be on a schedule, this should be fine. In the case of my next show, where I have more people, I have an webcast intern (Lisa Parisi) as a participant, and helper.

3. How often do you plan to broadcast?

I'm picturing 1 to 2 times a month once the school year starts.

4. Why do you want to be on EdTechTalk vs. any other place/hosting it yourself?

I would like to live stream, and I am a part of this particular community so it makes sense to hold it here. I will likely post the podcasts (or post about them) in other networks I'm part of, but this place will be the nexus for creation of the show.

5. How does your show fit into the EdTechTalk and Worldbridges community? What will it contribute? What do you hope to gain from being a part of this community?

There is a desire for more political discussion/policy discussion outside technology here at Ed Tech Talk. Since I have a background as a union advocate, library advocate, political campaign worker, public opinion poller and love to talk, this seems like a good match.   

a. Is there a mission statement for Worldbridges?

Like the internet, and education technology the walls between the U.S. and other countries with regards to public policy and political campaigning are disappearing. Political Campaign consultants from the U.S. regularly work in Israel, South Africa, and Europe. Hamas used many of the local organizing techniques I recognize in their electoral victory in the Occupied Territories. We have a lot to learn from each other about both effective policies (how do you teach kids to read in your country), and how to affect change thorough political organizing. I'd like to be part of that discussion.

b. Do you have a webcast/podcast now? Where?

It's Elementary is on the ETT network the 2nd and 4th Mondays each month at 2300 GMT

6. What kind of help would you need to get started?

Feedback is most critical at this point.

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