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2.2 Wrap-up, Post-grad life, Class of 2.3 & beyond

Sunday, Sept. 2, 1800GMT  global times

Now that the Class of 2.2 has set a new standard for collaborative open source learning at The Webcast Academy, we need to figure out 'where to from here'
The agenda for this meeting will include:

    * preparing for the upcoming Worldbridges Webcastathon (Equinox Weekend - Sept. 21-23)
    * discussing webcasting possibilities beyond the Academy on Worldbridges and elsewhere
    * considering some 'advanced topic' sessions for interns, past and present
       Post to this forum:  What are some 'advanced topics' you'd like to cover in future sessions?

    * planning for the Class of 2.3 and addressing questions that future participants may have
    * tweaking Webcast Academy resources, policies, &  procedures (i.e. FAQ Additions, Book of Webcasting editing, assignment rubric and graduation standards)
      Post a faq or two, take a look at the rubric and certification and graduation page

    * getting feedback from Class of  2.2'ers that will help those who follow them
     * troubleshooting any remaining tech issues and helping current interns finish up graduation tasks

event | by Dr. Radut