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Equinox Webcastathon & Class of 2.3

  The Worldbridges Equinox Webcastathon is less than 36 hours away. The ever-evolving schedule is at

Interns (past and present), feel free to edit that page to add a show.  You'll need to register at in order to do so. We have plenty of channels, so if someone is already streaming at your desired time, you can sign up at the same time and stream on a different channel.  This is a great opportunity to get some interncasts under your belt, so don't hesitate to sign up.  Oldtimers, this can also be a good  opportunity to get your gradcast out of the way and actually graduate from The Academy. Updated graduation info is at:  The longer you wait, the more graduation tasks we'll add  :)

Also, if you're available to stream at certain times but don't have a new show to webcast, you can sign up in the column for 'other available streamers'. Between scheduled shows, 'Other Available Streamers' can play recordings of  podsafe music and/or clips from podcasts (from Worldbridges or other sources of open content). They can also be available to stream shows hosted by others who are not quite ready to stream on their own.  If you're someone who's not quite ready to stream on your own, feel free to sign up for a time slot and note your need for some streaming support - chances are someone will sign up to provide it.  As usual during Webcastathons, there will probably be a lot of late-breaking schedule changes and additions, so stay tuned to that page and the Worldbridges Chat Room (accessible from any Worldbridges site).  Webcastathons are also a great opportunity to stretch beyond our normal audiences and topics, so please blog, twitter, and spread the word anywhere you'd like.

For those who are ready to take the intern plunge, the next Academy Session (Class of 2.3) is scheduled to begin the week of October 14. Jose Rodriguez and Graham Stanley will be serving as facilitators.  Information about applying is here.    Those who were interns during earlier sessions, but never quite 'followed through' are welcome to join in again and complete their internship.   A Webcast Academy Open House is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 23 at 1700GMT

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