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Success At Last!

It only took a brand new iMac and about 10 minutes of chatting with the fabulous Lee Baber and I was streaming and recording live on Sandbox B! Yahoo! I can't believe how clean and simple webcasting with a mac is. All you need is Nicecast and Skype. After opening Nicecast, checking server settings (make sure you have the IP address correct and the Port correct along with the server password) , audio settings set for the USB mic and whatever headset/phones you're using, open application mixer and set it to skype so that Nicecast can hijack it, ensure archiving is active; start skyping if you haven't already, click hijack, start broadcast. It's as easy as that! I not only streamed with Lee for a bit but I also streamed and recorded by myself for about 22 minutes - I can't believe I talked to myself for that long. It was 1.30am in the morning but it felt like 1.30pm! I'll be posting the audio as soon as I figure out how to make a rather large file quite a bit smaller! I'm really looking forward to having another go on Sunday when I interview my good friend Kim Cofino about our collaborative projectfeelgood and other online projects we've been involved in.



This is great Chrissy. I am so glad to see you got your wings! It really is like flying. You have the most marvelous voice for the air. I can't wait to hear your ideas crystalize now that you have the tech details covered. Lee

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