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FoodBridges Show #1 Part 1

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September 21st, 2007 19GMT

FoodBridges 1st Show Ever!

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Do you need some tips to have your friends over and surprise them? Are your in-laws visiting you for some days and you have no idea what to cook?

Join us in this gastronomic get-together where the smells and tastes mix with our chit chat about typical dishes in different countries and good food!It will certainly activate your senses and spice up your life a bit!


­Post-Show Reflections

We had a blast with the gastronomic talk and very special guests. The topic food generated a non-stop conversation full of yummy stuff for more than an hour. We talked about typical dishes in Brazil, the US, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine and Egypt. The dialogue was enriched by the presence of Lúcia Santos from Brazil talking about a very simple and easy to make appetizer, Nina Lyunkun talking about typical dishes in Russia and Ukraine, and Randa Effat about a wonderful sweet that she prepares in Egypt. 

 The team also gave their recipes that will impress guests and are just so practical to make. There's so much in there for you that we won't take your time writing about it. Just enjoy the Podcast that goes from mouthwatering food to recipes.

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The Gastronomic Team,

Carla Arena, Illya, Erika & Dennis Oliver

FoodBridges Show #1 Part 2

audio | by Dr. Radut