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Posting a Blog after a Webcast

Hello! I am testing out the Newsletter feature in Webcast Academy. I know one item an intern asked about was how to post a blog after doing a webcast. The idea of sharing a few thoughts and publishing the audio from a webcast for people to download or listen to on the site is key to making the Academy a collaborative tool for interns.

Follow along to post a Blog entry. Log-in and go to "Create Content" in the upper left hand side-bar on this site. Choose "Blog Entry" and type your title and message. If you wish to add the audio in a flash player on the site, you must choose "PHP code" as your "input format" then add the code for the flash player. I will post the code for you at a later date.

When you click "Submit", your blog entry will appear on the front page of Webcast Academy. You can also edit your blog entry by clicking on "My Workspace" and "Edit".

Have a good day and blog away.

simplenews | by Dr. Radut