What are the minimum technical requirements in order to webcast?

Internet Connection
In order to webcast, you need a stable internet connection that provides at least 100kbs upload bandwidth (which means dial-up connections will not work).  If you plan to have more than one or two people in a skype call, you will probably need a bit more than that.  You can test your bandwidth at AuditMyPC.com or speakeasy.net .  


  • Based on our experience thusfar, it is necessary to use either a desktop USB mic like this or  USB Headsets like these which have two separate inputs for  the mic and ear piece. Models that have been confirmed to work include: USB headsets that do NOT have the two separate inputs for mic and ear piece will not work and may cause severe anxiety for webcasters attempting to use them!
  • There are no other fixed minimum hardware requirements, but webcasting with anything less than 512kb RAM or the equivalent of a Pentium 4 would probably be pretty difficult.


Information about software used to webcast can be found in the Webcaster Kit.  Trial versions of commercial programs are available, but as far as unavoidable long-term costs, Mac users will eventually need to purchase Nicecast, Windows users will need to purchase Virtual Audio Cables.


In-Depth Overview of Telco, Hardware, and Software Requirements

Class of 2.3 compilation of start-up configuration requirements for Windows users,

and a week-by-week rollout and update of new course support and delivery

requirements, as they unfolded during the course process.

Multi-lingual resources are also included in part.



The overview will be updated throughout the Class of 2.4. 

Feel free to make your contributions... 


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