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Alice Restaurant: An Interview with Larry Feralazzo

An interview with Larry Feralazzo and ELL/ESL instructor in Sacramento on getting stakeholder support for your IT projects. Larry is a former community organizer, and has brought those skills to the classroom building a community for not just his class but his whole school.


Where are you streaming?

Dear Alice,

 Larry Ferlazzo is such an interesting man with lots of resources to share! I'll certainly listen to you later on.

Now, I'm planning to have a get-together with my students on the same day and was wondering in which channel you plan to stream. A or B?

 Waiting for your news to set up the conference with my students.


Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator

WCA Chat

I will be on WCA (that was my plan), but I'll be on one hour earlier than I planned due to end of Daylight Savings in U.S.


Dear Alice,

 So my question is: Are you going to be using the Webcastacademy chat room? Are you going to be streaming in Sandbox A or B?

 Waiting for your news to define my chat with my students and Dennis Oliver.

If you are using the chatroom, so I'd start one hour later at 23 GMT. Is it OK with you? As for the sandbox, just let me know so there's no kicking each other's stream.

 Waiting for your news. By the way, what's your email?



Carla Arena

A curious Brazilian EFL Educator

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