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1st Week

Webcast Academy 2.3 begins tomorrow.  I'm excited!  I have posted my introduction, am working on my audio introduction and have been looking over the screencasts for Week 1s Assignment.  The screencasts have been very helpful.  However, I am having a problem converting my audio from my digital voice recorder to an acceptable format so that I can insert it in Audacity.  I will keep working at it.    


Digital Audio Recorder

   Are you planning to use the digital audio recorder for webcasting purposes?  I'm not sure that's ever been done - not saying it's impossible, just that it's possible  that no one around here knows how.  Is there any reason you aren't directly recording the audio using a PC microphone and Audacity?

Digital Audio Recorder

I had bought one for podcasting and thought I could use it for better quality sound.  There is no reason why I am not directly recording audio using a PC microphone and Audacity,  Will do that to simplify things.  Thanks.

which will be better quality

I am wondering why we have to bother recording audio using a digital voice recorder while we can use direct-recording from PC with audacity that webcast academy requires? But if you make it with better quality, then just let me know. I will try it too.

SpiceCN/Jane Jiang

Audio Recorder


  You do not need to use a digital audio recorder.  In fact, see above comment for details about how using one might not work for webcasting.  At this point, the standard way to webcast is with a USB desktop or mic plugged directly in to your computer.


Will Follow Your Rule

Thank you Jeff, for explaining. I got it now. That is why I was confused when there is an easier/standard way to use a mic plug into PC for recording, but making it complexed instead.

Jane Jiang/SpiceCN

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