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Durff intro class of 2.3

I learn along with other learners at BCA.


Great music Lisa!  Where's

Great music Lisa!  Where's it from?

sample rate issues

No worries Lisa, I have no doubt you'll get this 2017 :)

Another great sounding, rockin' intro.  Was this whole thing produced in Audacity or did you use another audio program as well.  If you used Audacity only,  was your sample rate set as shown in the photo below before you recorded? Also, please note that your filename contains special characters again 'Durffintro-class+of+2.3.mp3' . I would suggestion something like ' DurffIntro-Class-of-2-3-2007-10-14.mp3'

 My sample rate IS 44! The

 My sample rate IS 44! The site tells me again it is not - well pooh.


some info on Audacity settings

Rockin' intro for sure Lisa. 2017--you crack me up ;-)

Here's a link to info something to try in Audacity.

 Doug Symington Community Animator and intern-webcaster-in-training

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