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Pam's Thoughts After First Week

This is fun!  I just listened to the audio from Sunday's meeting.  I am impressed that many interns from past classes continue to participate and help out.  I heard about a program for desktop sharing, but am not sure what it was called.  Yugma?  Ukla?  ....I didn't write it down.  Anyhow, I look forward to trying that out sometime.  I love the fact that people are coming together from all over the world to learn together.  I guess I'm ready to download my virtual audio cables and prepare for week 2! 


Trouble Shooting with Yugma

Pam,  When Jim was having trouble with his audio in Skype Jeff suggested Yugma.  It allows for desktop sharing.  It is a tool we use for trouble shooting.  There is now a Skype add-on for  Yugma.  We'll try it soon.  Another tool that can be used is Jing.  It is the program that we use to create screencasts.  You can create a screencast and post the link in a forum.   Let us know, if this answers your question.

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade and Adult ESL Teacher; It's Elementary Webcast


Yes, my question has been answered.  I look forward to experimenting with Yugma in the near future.  Thanks!

Pam Shoemaker, Technology Coordinator from Michigan

A Program for Desktop Sharing

Hi, Pam.

The program that was mentioned was (if I'm not mistaken) Yugma. I myself haven't played with it very much, but I will. I know that it can be very useful.

Dennis in Phoenix 

Dennis Oliver ESL Teacher and Materials Developer in Phoenix, Arizona. Not a techie but not a technophobe, either.

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