Audacity HELP needed!

I can't get my Intro mp3 file in the correct format to play in the Flash player!

I've set my preferences in Audacity to a default sample rate of 44100 Hz, and I've set the mp3 export bitrate to 64K.  When I export my mp3 using Lame I get an mp3 with an audio sample rate of 24 kHz.

I've updated Audacity to 1.2.6 and the Lame encoder to v3.97.



Audio Spec-ulating

Thanks for the additional information - sounds like there's a gremlin somewhere in the system.  I use Audacity beta 1.3.3 (actually find it more stable than the 'stable' version) and have had no problems.  I also have my record channel settings to mono rather than stereo - that might be a factor.   Would love to see a screencast of your entire process - can be useful for that.  We might also try Yugma'ing ( ) during the next workshop. 

Good luck troubleshooting.  We'll get it figured out eventually... right Durff?


I upgraded to 1.3.3 and the

I upgraded to 1.3.3 and the problem is resolved.

Adacity and Flash Player

I am using the stable version of Audactiy.  When I uploaded as 128 bit rate I got Flash player to work.  When I deleted that mp3 and set it as 64 Flash player did not work.  I am assuming that using Flash works with the Beta version of Audacity at 64 bit but not the stable version?.

Flash Player Friendly Upload

Yes,  It seems that once you create audio in Audacity and have to change bit rate files in older version somehow corrupt the flash player friendly sample rate of 22 or 44 and get 24.  Actually the bit rate has to do with the size of the file.  A higher bit rate is a bigger file. In recordings of 30min or more this can make a difference on available server space.   At this point the solution is to make sure the correct sample rate and bit rate are set before starting recording and if possible use the Audacity Beta Version 1.3.3. 

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

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