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Koreabridge Discussion

In online Korea, bloggers and boards are buzzing about the Korea Teacher's Union blaming foreigners for sexual assaults at English Villages.

Marmot's Hole entry

From the IKTU blog:

This wasn't good enough for the Gyeonggi KTU office, which issued a press release entitled "It is not enough to increase supervision of sexual assault." The release claimed that the governor was ignoring "structural problems" with the Villages:

(1) teaching positions do not require a degree in education, and so underqualified people are hired;
(2) foreign teachers have a "free attitude" to sex, which a few hours of cultural education cannot remedy;
(3) foreign teachers are merely tourists, in Korea for the money or the "experience," and so are not suffiently devoted to their profession; and
(4) with 40 students in a classroom, teachers cannot conduct effective lessons.

The solution, the statement concluded, was to stop spending money on these Villages and to invest instead in public education.

Because of this, the first foreigner to join the KTU has quit the union.

Marmot again
Jason's rationale

So, this week's topics are:
1. The KTUs rationale for blaming foreigners and
2. What exactly IS a "qualified" teacher in Korea?

The links to the show for listeners will be at If you wish to have your voice heard and participate verbally in the talk show, you need Skype, and there will also be a chat room (accessible through for those who'd like to chat with others during the show.

We are trying to get ahold of Jason Thomas, the guy who quit the union, to speak on the show, too.

Hope to see you there.

The Recording of the June 4th webcast is now available at

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