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Susan D's First Week Experience

My first week experience was okay.  Sunday was quite hectic trying to get both Jim's computer and mine working with Skype.  I am unable to keep Skype open because I use the same computer to teach my classes.  Is there a way I can set the preferences so the little box does not pop up when I am teaching?  The audio assignment was the same.  Some good and some not so good.   I was able to import music and create my mp3.  I forgot to change the bit rate to 64 when I was recording and Jim reminded me.  I changed it then transfered my file to a different computer.  I uploaded the file it was 128 instead of 64=(  Hopefully things will go as I expect this week!

Okay,  I redid my mp3 as 64 bit rate and I cannot get it to work with flash.  I am assuming that I need to download the beta version to get it to work with Flash player?  The flash player worked at 128 bit rate. 

I am going to delete the stable version of Audacity and download the beta version to see if that makes a difference.

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