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Hardware and Software and Sound Specs: Oh, My!

photo: Dennis' Mac set up for audio recording and editing

Recording My Audio Intro (2007-10-19)

My hardware (desktop iMac, USB desktop mic, USB mic + earphones) was OK. So was Audacity. I'd installed Audio Hijack Pro earlier and I've had iTunes installed for some time. I thought about using GarageBand, but when I tried it, I couldn't find intro and exit music that I liked. Creating the audio intro took longer than I'd expected, but I enjoyed it. I'm not satisfied with the results, but the intro is OK, I think.


Got some good ideas from your post.

Thanks Dennis for sharing your set-up. It gave me some ideas on what a "webcasting workstation" should look like and have installed.

You're entirely welcome!

Hey, Derral.

You're entirely welcome. I use the headset for listening, the desktop mic for Audacity recording, Audio Hijack for extracting audio from iTunes .pls files, and Audacity for putting things together and editing (which was my biggest challenge), then, when I'm satisfied (or too tired to do anything else), I connect to Webcast Academy and put my file online. Oh—and the paper is my script.

BTW, I enjoyed hearing your voice, today (2007-10-21)!

Dennis Oliver ESL Teacher and Materials Developer in Phoenix, Arizona. Not a techie but not a technophobe, either.

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