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Teachers Teaching Teachers

Wednesday, June 14, 9pm Eastern Time
Teachers Teaching Teachers Blog
Paul Allison previews the agenda for this week's show:

In a recent post on his blog, Remote Access, Clarence Fisher writes about his students' blogs in ways that almost take the words out of my mouth.

"Our blogs," he writes, "are not showcases of perfect writing and exceptional grammar. They are showcases of real lives, of a school year that has been very powerful, filled with authentic learning, struggles, and difficulties. They are our voices, our lives online."

There's another conversation worth checking out: "4 Things I Can't Get Kids to Need" on Remote Access as well.

These are the kinds of conversations we hope to have on our webcast. Honest. Clear. Committed. Most of all: from a teacher's perspective.

We will also continue our conversations about the value of privacy vs./and the value of publishing publicly on the web.

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