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It's not working!

So, I've downloaded VAC and I've watched the screencast on how to set everything up AND IT'S NOT WORKING!  There are too many places to set audio preferences (Skype, Audacity, Windows, Audio Repeater) and I think this is why I can't get both me and the Skype lady to record in Audacity.

I'm in the process of downloading Jing so I can demonstrate all of my settings but, unfortunately, I'm going to run out of time today to do this.  Better luck Saturday.

I consider myself pretty tech savvy and I have to admit I'm really frustrated right now.


Skype settings

Wanted to add that re-checking audio settings in Skype (tools > options >audio settings) is something to check as well. The microphone should be your USB mic and  speakers should be the soundcard on your computer. Good luck!

Doug Symington Community Animator and intern-webcaster-in-training

Respose; It's Not Working

My biggest challenge when using the Virtual audio cables with Audacity was Setting Audacity to capture sound from sound card and NOT microphone.  Remember that the Virtual Audio Cable "Bridges or Hijacks" Sound from mircophone into sound card.  Take another look at this screencast;   Good Luck!  Look for anybody that is around in Skpe Chat. We can help out. 

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

Salient Problem, Useful Suggestions

Hi, Jim and Doug and José.

I'll soon be starting my first attempt to navigate through
the VAC maze (or is it a gauntlet to be run?), so this
post grabbed my attention big time. Doug's and José's
comments both furnish very helpful tips, and I'll be sure
to keep them in mind. Jim, your idea of using Jing
to demonstrate your settings will be a very useful addition
to the tutorial materials already online here and elsewhere.

Jim, you are tech-savvy (that's obvious from other things
you do), so I for one am confident that you'll find a way
to bring the VAC beastie to bay!


Dennis Oliver:
ESL Teacher and Materials Developer in Phoenix, Arizona.
"Not a techie but not a technophobe, either."

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