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Lisa Parisi

I am a fifth grade teacher on Long Island, in New York. I came into webcasting thinking it would be fun and easy. Fun, yes...easy, no. But I have found it very rewarding and love the network I have become part of. More about me: Since April of 2007, I have introduced blogging to my students, helped them create podcasts, participated in the webcast academy, joined many webcast conversations, run teacher training in my district for SMARTBoard use, website development, and Web 2.0 use, started up Teacher Talk Webcast with fellow interns Susan van Gelder and Cheryl Lykowski, and started a UStream channel, using it to stream Teacher Talk, as well as tech conferences. I am presently working with the district to create a position as educational technology facilitator, where I hope to work in classes with teachers helping them embed technology into their classrooms.
Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 
This was my first attempt at a webcast. My guests were Alice Mercer, Jen Wagner, and my daughter, Ali. I thought steering clear of education for my first show would be helpful. I was so consumed with how to stream that I didn't want to have to think about content, too. So I chose Harry Potter as my topic since I had just completed the book and everyone was talking about it. I guess what surprised me most about this show was how much fun I had with it. There were quite a few times I forgot about streaming and just enjoyed the conversation. I was also surprised that I had an audience but have since learned the power of networking.
Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 
This was an interesting show. My guests Jen Wagner and Cheryl Lykowski joined me in a discussion about technology and new learning. Some new learning came out of this show for me. For one, I brought Jose Rodriguez into the show halfway through but was so concerned with dead air that I hardly let him talk at all. I am still working on letting my guests speak more. Sorry, Jose. I also am working on a format. This show ran for about 90 minutes. I edited it down to 60 but it was really too long. Having a plan works much better for keeping a show to a time limit. But it was still fun and I realized how much I love doing shows. This show also got me more involved with Cheryl Lykowski and, in turn, Susan van Gelder, who became my co-hosts for future Teacher Talk shows.
Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 
This show was our second Teacher Talk show. Susan van Gelder, Cheryl Lykowski, and I chatted with Colleen King about and communicating about mathematics. Our format worked well for this show. We begin with a book share - this week books about math, then move into the interview. The key event for this show was the UStream video addition. Jeff Lebow set up a studio page for us and showed me how to add HTML code onto the page. So during the show, the audience was watching me, Colleen, and Susan, while listening to a Skype call with all of us plus Cheryl and chatting in the chat room. The only problem with the show was scheduling. We scheduled the show at the same time as a big Second Life event and didn't have much of an audience. Oh well. - This links to video Jeff Lebow captured.


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Feedback Lisa Parisi Webcaster Porfolio

Hi Lisa,

As your graduation approaches check out Jeff's Webcaster Portfolio or mine. 

You need to add a Webcaster Report for each of your interncasts.  Looking forward to your GradCast and future of Video Streaming at Webcast Academy. 

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

Adding commentary

Thanks for the tip, Jose.  While I can't hope to live up to your fabulous portfolio, I have done my best.  :)  Will it get me a diploma?

Lisa Parisi

"I teach, therefore, I am."

Teacher on a Mission

I am impressed!  What a quick turn-around.  Regarding the diploma, last time I asked, I was told to design my own. :-)   

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

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