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"There must be more to life than this." Struggling to get the sound right

Sorry I can't upload Freddy Mercury singing,


1.  I've spent (wasted?) hours playing around with two micros, Logitech USB  and non-USB Typhoon. Typhoon sounds great.

I've changed all the variables ion various permutations , but have nothing very final to report.

2.  I decided to delete and reinstall Simple Cast and VAC. That was a MISTAKE! New versions do not work at all, and throw up

  messages (in German, no point in screenshots) :

-   "Written" cannot be carried out. I read that this is a common problem with dozens of different causes, including new installations and using miniature view instead of list in Windows Explorer.

- This leads to A problem with drwsn32.exe, which I have not tracked down and

-  Trouble with dwwin.exe, which I gather is the Dr. Watson function which reports errors.

!!!!! As a result of all of the above, I can't deinstall anything, or upload to my site  though I can still send and receive emails. I've not researched what else I can NOT do.

Moral, dear friends - Experiment at your peril! 

PS Nearly forgot. Deinstalling and re-installing I found out VAC is not a free program. There are trial rates for 40 days only. I'd had my now deleted copy for about 2 years.......... 


"There must be more to life than this"


Denos Dennis 

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