Webcast Academy Meeting 2.3.4

­Webcast Academy Session 2.3.4
Show Management and Post Show Audio Editing
Sunday ­November 11, 2007
Chat Log Below



12:50:10 JoseR : Hi all!

12:50:11 readerdiane : Good morning all

12:51:35 JL : Howdy

12:55:33 JoseR : Hi Pam

12:55:56 Pam Shoemaker : Hi!

12:56:34 Pam Shoemaker : Jose, I can only hear you, not the other person.

12:56:49 JoseR : That's Jeff

12:56:59 Pam Shoemaker : Can't hear Jeff

12:57:35 Pam Shoemaker : Now I can hear Jeff, although a bit low volume

12:58:09 readerdiane : I can hear both of you.

12:58:10 Pam Shoemaker : I hear you now

13:00:13 readerdiane : Jose sounds like he is in the foreground and Jeff in the background

13:00:35 arvind : hi there, yup it

13:00:37 arvind : 's me

13:00:49 arvind : I do coach, but had to take this year off :(

13:01:00 Pam Shoemaker : I'm a soccer mom

13:01:02 arvind : everything bagel, nothing better

13:01:15 Pam Shoemaker : Son plays keeper at Bowling Green U (Ohio)

13:01:51 JL : skype 'worldbridges' to join in

13:01:57 arvind : yes, always get audio levels right before recording. you don't want any extra work in editing

13:02:00 arvind : Jose, system preferences

13:02:01 arvind : audio

13:02:07 derrallg : sound preferences

13:02:11 derrallg : in systeme

13:02:14 arvind : then make sure you have the correct mic selected, then adjust input volume

13:03:02 JoseR : I do but have no control

13:03:15 arvind : Here is a link that shows Mac sound level window: http://lifehacker.com/software/mac-tip/set-headphone+specific-volume-level-277171.php

13:03:27 arvind : little different reason, but shows you the correct area

13:05:36 readerdiane : I keep trying to speak but it is not working

13:06:48 derrallg : @Jose do you still need help?

13:07:04 JoseR : Yep

13:07:27 derrallg : so you have the system preferences open?

13:07:30 Pam Shoemaker : Diane are you muted on Skype?

13:07:35 JoseR : Yes

13:08:17 readerdiane : no, but I left my good microphone at school so I am using the backup

13:08:53 Pam Shoemaker : Is there a volume control on the microphone?

13:09:19 Pam Shoemaker : Derrall to the rescue

13:09:52 JoseR : cool

13:10:36 readerdiane : What is the difference between the last 2 assignments?

13:10:54 JoseR : We are looking at hosting a show

13:11:03 JoseR : For practice

13:11:07 JasonR : Don't wait to do your post-production

13:12:17 readerdiane : I am going out and come back on Skype

13:13:37 arvind : NPR show on how they edit their audio : http://www.onthemedia.org/yore/transcripts/transcripts_123104_curtain.html

13:14:01 JasonR : Levalator on Mac too

13:14:07 JoseR : Ok

13:14:14 derrallg : thanks Jason

13:15:23 JasonR : http://www.conversationsnetwork.org/levelator

13:16:37 JasonR : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_data_compression

13:17:12 JasonR : Audio compression is a form of data compression designed to reduce the size of audio files. Audio compression algorithms are implemented in computer software as audio codecs. Generic data compression algorithms perform poorly with audio data, seldom reducing file sizes much below 87% of the original, and are not designed for use in real time. Consequently, specific audio "lossless" and "lossy" algorithms have been created. Lossy algorithms provide far greater compression ratios and are used in mainstream consumer audio devices. As with image compression, both lossy and lossless compression algorithms are used in audio compression, lossy being the most common for everyday use. In both lossy and lossless compression, information redundancy is reduced, using methods such as coding, pattern recognition and linear prediction to reduce the amount of information used to describe the data.

13:17:48 arvind : Anyone shelled out for nice headphones? These look pretty sweet: http://www.bose.com/controller?event=VIEW_PRODUCT_PAGE_EVENT&product=triport_ie_headphones_index

13:20:22 JoseR : Is anyone ready for an intercast?

13:20:41 readerdiane : Hey Dennis

13:20:44 JoseR : Hi Dennis

13:20:45 Dennis-Phoenix : Hi, folks. 'Sorry I'm late.

13:20:53 derrallg : Hi Dennis

13:21:05 Dennis-Phoenix : Hey, Diane and José and Derral.

13:21:34 Pam Shoemaker : Dennis, you can skype worldbridges now

13:21:47 readerdiane : We are already on the skype Dennis

13:21:53 Dennis-Phoenix : Oh, OK. Thanks, Pam; I will.

13:22:30 arvind : NEIT Unconference: http://neit.wikispaces.com

13:22:43 JoseR : Should be a cool conference!

13:22:56 arvind : Conference site: http://www.nysais.org/page.cfm?p=4&verbose=231&ref=list

13:23:17 arvind : follow the conference Twitter user: http://twitter.com/neit

13:23:46 arvind : Topics for the unconference: http://neit.wikispaces.com/Topics

13:23:59 arvind : It is an unconference, so all topics will be decided during the morning openings

13:24:06 Dennis-Phoenix : Thanks for the links, Arvind.

13:24:12 arvind : np Dennis

13:24:45 Dennis-Phoenix : :D

13:24:49 JasonR : Chatting with some sreamers in SL. They are using SAM. WHat is that about?

13:25:44 arvind : SAM brodcaster streaming software - http://www.spacialaudio.com/products/sambroadcaster/

13:26:08 JasonR : Meant pros/cons. Why ain't we using it?

13:26:50 Dennis-Phoenix : Arvind: Thanks. I just found a link to that, but when i was about to post it, you already had.

13:28:53 arvind : I think Jeff actually uses SAM. A lot of us use Simplecast because it is, um, simple?

13:28:55 arvind : :)

13:29:03 JoseR : When streaming it's always a good idea to check the listen page to see if anyone is streaming; http://webcastacademy.net/listen

13:29:34 Dennis-Phoenix : I wouldn't be surprised, Arvind--and there are advantages to using something that's . . . um . . . simple.

13:29:46 arvind : Last year's NYSAIS conference: http://nycist.net/d/

13:30:13 Dennis-Phoenix : -- especially when the mix of folks interning at the academy have such far-ranging backgrounds and skill levels.

13:31:10 arvind : I use Simplecast, although the screenshots of SAM are very pretty

13:31:16 Dennis-Phoenix : WB, MM.

13:31:20 arvind : Do you have to buy SAM?

13:31:27 readerdiane : Yeah, I am at such a much lower level of tech geekiness. I look good to my students but jnot here;)

13:32:28 arvind : Diane, there is always more tech to learn. No one knows it all! That's what's so great about the Ed Tech Talk network, someone usually can answer my questions

13:32:32 Dennis-Phoenix : Boy, do I ever relate to that, Diane! That's exactly hos I feel!

13:32:41 Dennis-Phoenix : how I feel

13:33:01 Dennis-Phoenix : Arvind: This is a good point--and one that I keep reminding myself to remember.

13:33:36 Dennis-Phoenix : Arvind: SAM is certainly not cheap. $279, even on an "easy payment plan" is probably too steep for me.

13:33:49 readerdiane : We have great tech guys at our district office and they are great with my students.

13:33:53 Dennis-Phoenix : There is a free trial version, though.

13:34:17 Dennis-Phoenix : But it's only for 14 days.

13:34:31 arvind : And great tech guys tend to have a great network of people they can rely on. Usually what makes them so great

13:34:48 JoseR : Simple cast is free

13:34:52 Dennis-Phoenix : True, Arvind. Networking is what it's all about, no?

13:34:57 JasonR : http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/

13:35:39 arvind : The screenshots of SAM are intense! http://www.spacialaudio.com/products/sambroadcaster/shots.html#top

13:35:55 Dennis-Phoenix : Did someone say that SAM is PC only?

13:36:01 arvind : Sound FX and Voice FX

13:36:11 arvind : yes, someone said PC only

13:36:49 Dennis-Phoenix : I thought so.

13:37:07 Dennis-Phoenix : Thanks for the reference to Sound and Voice FX, Arvind. Very useful.

13:38:18 Dennis-Phoenix : Yep--that helps, José and Jeff.

13:38:29 Dennis-Phoenix : Who's speaking?

13:38:44 Pam Shoemaker : Diane is talking now

13:38:57 Dennis-Phoenix : Thanks, Pam.

13:39:52 readerdiane : Sorry about the volume.

13:39:54 arvind : adding music to shows really makes a professional feel. we never do it, but should

13:40:06 JL : np - we're here to troubleshoot

13:40:33 arvind : Free audio available here: http://www.podsafeaudio.com/

13:40:47 readerdiane : My students used Garage band for their podcasts last spring.

13:40:49 arvind : free music i mean

13:41:01 Eurominuteman : i talked to a musician. he said a slide button mixer box has better handling

13:41:53 readerdiane : Have you tried some of the free music creative commons sites?

13:42:01 JoseR : I haven

13:42:22 JoseR : I have'nt made into Garage Band yet

13:42:33 Pam Shoemaker : Freeplaymusic.com

13:42:35 readerdiane : We found some free great Renaissance music.

13:42:46 Dennis-Phoenix : Arvind, you've really added a lot of wonderful links. Many thanks!

13:43:19 JasonR : http://www.mobygratis.com/film-music.html

13:43:19 readerdiane : As long as we added a link back, we were good.

13:43:29 Dennis-Phoenix : Thanks, Jason.

13:44:38 arvind : You can search for sounds/music with this too: http://www.findsounds.com/types.html

13:45:05 arvind : happy to help Dennis, glad you're getting stuff out of the . I learned a ton here

13:45:13 JoseR : Thanks for the link Arvind. It's Elementary needs a boost :-)

13:46:22 JoseR : I am going to explore the different animal sounds, hahahaha

13:47:10 arvind : :)

13:47:16 arvind : gotta run everyone, have a great Sunday

13:47:27 readerdiane : Thanks for the help

13:47:30 derrallg : bye arvind thanks for your input

13:47:34 JoseR : OK Arvind Looking forward to the conference

13:47:36 arvind : any time

13:47:41 arvind : me too Jose

13:47:43 arvind : bye

13:48:00 Dennis-Phoenix : "A sad but common tale": Yes, I can believe that.

13:48:18 readerdiane : It keeps us humble.

13:48:43 Dennis-Phoenix : Hear, hear, Diane.

13:59:47 Eurominuteman : cu

14:00:06 derrallg : bye everyone

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