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Event Publisher Guide via Google Calendar

Share your events with an individual, a group, or the whole world

Google Calendar makes it easy for you to share events and publish events and calendars on your website. If your website mentions events — including reservations, appointments, conferences and shows, This can help your users find information and easily add it to their own calendars. This guide explains all the options. An individual RSS Feed for calendar events can also be installed. It was easily built into my Intern profile.



Moving to Google

A timely post James - Worldbridges and ETT have already moved to Google calendars - going to be setting it up for Webcast Academy today. 

Adding the calendars

Nice, I've checked it out and added them to my Google calendar. I have also referred to this service in the support chapter of my course notes, where I was making some thoughts about a calendar content template (like a style guide).


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