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Trouble with stream

Last night Derrall, Dennis, and I did our first interncast.  Something strange happened with the stream that is puzzling to me.  Although when we checked the Shoutcast admin page, it showed that it was streaming, folks could not access the stream from the webcast academy "Listen" page.  Sandbox A was showing "currently not streaming."  Simplecast showed all was working.  Was there a problem with the server last night or something? 

Reply Trouble with Stream

I didn't get a chance to go to listen page. I am assuming that you were trying to stream Skype call.  I did see that derall was also using Ustream.  Info on shoutcast server might have been old?? We did experience similar issues this past Webcast Academy. The default listen page is at Did you get a local copy of streaming audio?

Jose Rodriguez, Co-Facilitator Webcast Academy Session 2.3; It's Elementary Webcast

figured it out, I think

Yes, I was trying to stream the Skype call.  I just watched Jeff's "Basic Streaming" video tutorial and I think I know what I did...  I remember starting the encoders, but not clicking the Start button in Simplecast.  Duh.

I did record the audio using Audacity and added the audio to the website. 


Pam Shoemaker, Technology Coordinator from Michigan

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