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Julie Raeder Schumacher: Custom built PC with AMD Sempron 2800

My default mixer devices include 


·     SB Live! Wave Device

·    Line in/Mic in

·    Realtek AC97 Audio

The initial set up came with obstacles. I followed the Webcast Academy directions to the ‘T’ and just could not get Audacity set up correctly to record both me and my guest on Skype. Here is the complete set up procedure that I go through to get everything working properly. 


First, I check volume controls, options, properties to select my mixer device: SB Live! Wave. Then I check the ‘recording’ button and click ‘OK’. When the Record Control box is still open, I make sure “Record Master” is the only box that is checked---I think this was part of my initial problem. Then I minimize this window.


Next I open Audacity: the drop down box at top next to the volume controls should be set to ‘Record Master’. This was my initial problem because I couldn’t get the drop box to actually drop down anything! But once my volume controls were set and Audacity Preferences were set with the Audio I/O to my sound card, the Record Master drop box was able to be selected. At this time and just make the Audacity box smaller on my screen.


I then open my Virtual Audio Cables—the Audio Repeater. I set the Wave in (my USB mic) to AK5370 and the Wave out (sound card) to SB Live! Wave Device. I set the Sample rate to 44100, total buffer to 100 (ms), Bits per sample to 22, and buffers to 16---I then click start and talk to test it out and make sure it ‘repeats’ what I say.  I have not had to change any other VAC settings.


Then I open Simplecast to put in the streaming information. I click on the Encoders button and click + to add and I put in the pertinent information: Converter: format set to MP# 24 kb/s, 22.1 kHz/Mono, under Server Details I put in the IP address, port and password for the stream and appropriate Title of the webcast in the ‘station name section. I make sure the stream is archived to an appropriate location in case Audacity doesn’t record properly. I click ‘OK’ and add +another for the next stream and repeat those steps with a different IP and password.


The first time I used Simplecast I set the configuration options: captured sound from AK5370- but I haven’t had to set this after the initial time. I then go back to Audacity and click ‘record’ and I am ready to stream. I call whoever is my guest speaker and when we are ready to stream, I click on the encoders in Simplecast- right click on each one and go to start. Under the description area, it will show if it is streaming or not. I look for the sound bar at the side of the main screen in Simplecast to make sure it moves up and down to know it is getting sound.


If my husband is home, I have him on the laptop in another room open the streaming audio to make sure I am streaming correctly—it is definitely a team operation to start, but now I am becoming more comfortable with the settings.


During the stream, I have the chat room open, audacity minimized, simplecast streaming, audio repeater minimized and I open the page that shows the streams and refresh to see if I am still up and running!

I use a USB desktop mic and a headset with the earpice plugged in, but not the mic. The USB desktop mic seems to be clear.  I am working on my noisy keyboard!
































webcaster_setup | by Dr. Radut