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Teachers Teaching Teachers: Last Day of School

9:00 pm - 10:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

We will be webcasting in the evening of the last day of school for New York City public school teachers and students.

Susan Ettenheim has been building all sorts of bridges to other educators recently, and she has received and offered help from many, yet there are places and people who need help right around her, and she is wondering:

"Where does this all lead? Will [our internet connections] make us more action oriented or just more callous? What's too much difference in dialogue and what's just enough? Should we be matching students and schools in online dialogue the same as we think through group work in the classroom? As always the actual technology of it all is the easy part and it's the human/educational/student part that is the ultimate challenge."

Paul is gearing up for a 3 1/2 week workshop that he is doing for teachers of the New York City Writing Project. Recently he has been obsessed (which is why he is behind in editing recent podcasts) with figuring our a blog structure that allows for both individuality and emerging community. Here's what he says about this work:

"We're not there yet, but Matthew Hirsh, Ken Stein and I are close to having a plan for using blogs in the classroom that does two things at once. It both puts the individual student at the center of his or her own blog (Call it student-centered blogging.), and it allows teachers (and groups of students) to create class or group blogs that get their content by pinging all the students blogs from a class or in a group, and filtering out all the posts that do not have a keyword for that group or class (e.g. math, humanities... or depression, sports). In other words, each student posts on his or her own blog, and selects a category (like a tag in Wordpress-speak) that the teacher is using to pull specific posts from the students' blogs to his class blog."

"We're using a plugin called FeedWordPress, by Rad Geek, but it's not working yet. Almost though! Enough to make me feel encouraged."

Richard from Brooklyn, Lee from Virginia, Gail from California and other folks will join us too, which should make this a lively hour of "teachers teaching teachers."

Join us!

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