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Interncast #3: Pam, Dennis, & Derrall

This is the third interncast by Pam Shoemaker, Dennis Oliver, and Derrall Garrison (PD2).  It was broadcast on December 23, 2007 as part of the Winter Soltice Webcastathon.  The topic:  Intercultural Insights


Kudos to us all!


Derrall and Pam:

Because things have been crazy for me for the past two weeks
or so, I just got around to listening ­to the "Intercultural Insights"
show. What a terrific job of editing!

I'm really pleased to have played a part in this project and think
the final product is really quite good. Thanks for your patience,
support, and encouragement, Pam and Derrall, and kudos to us all!

You're both terrific collaborators and partners!



Dennis Oliver: Materials Developer and Former ESL Teacher in
Phoenix, Arizona. Not a techie but not a technophobe, either.


High-grade quality content

Standing ovation!!! 


audio | by Dr. Radut