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Pam Shoemaker

I am a technology coordinator for a large suburban Detroit public school district.  My learning journey has been a winding one!  I first graduated from college as a Registered Nurse and worked for 10 years in hospitals before quitting my job when my children were young.  My family missed my income, and I soon had a daycare business in my home.  I discovered that I loved teaching children, and when my youngest was nearing Kindergarten, I headed back to college for a teaching certificate.  Although I wanted to teach elementary students, I got a job teaching 6th grade science and math and loved it!  After two years of teaching, my school district started a laptop program at the 6th grade level, and I jumped at the opportunity to teach in a laptop classroom.  I discovered how the technology could transform the learning process and soon became known for using the technology in creative ways.  The laptop program grew, and there became a need for someone to facilitate technology professional development and manage the laptop program.  So I have been at it for the past seven years and love it.  Last year I finished my Ed Specialist degree and now look at all situations from many different perspectives.  After a two-year intensive grad program, I wanted to keep learning and growing, and when I heard about the Webcast Academy, I signed up to participate!
Webcast Report (Interncast #1): 
This is the first of the PD2 shows (Pam, Derrall, Dennis).  The topic was Second Life from the point of view of Newbies, and it was broadcast on November 30, 2007.  I volunteered to do the recording, editing, and streaming.  All seemed to be going fine, but a few people who came to the chat room said they could not access the audio.  Turns out that one of the Simplecast settings was not set to record from my sound card.  We ended up punting and meeting in Second Life at the end of the show.  We had a lot of fun.  I did record the audio, and posted the recording. 
Webcast Report (Interncast #2): 
This is the second of the PD2 shows.  It was broadcast on December 13, 2007.  Pam discussed Animoto, Derrall discussed VoiceThread, and Dennis was prepared to discuss WizIQ.  Once again, I volunteered to do the recording, editing, and streaming.  Once again, I had one little thing that made it not work!  Luckily, Derrall was able to pinch hit and took over the streaming and no one even knew there was a problem.  It took me two days to figure out what my issue was.  I figured it out by watching Jeff's Audacity training video again.  I started the encoders, but did not hit the Start button...  I don't know how I misssed that.  The show was a good one.  One of the curriculum coordinators from my district participated, so that was nice.  When it came time for Dennis to do his part on WizIQ, he dropped out of Skype due to a microphone problem.  Derrall and I continued to chat for a while before finishing the show.  Again, it was fun for all of us, and was a great learning experience.
Webcast Report (Interncast #3): 
This is the third of the PD2 shows.  It was broadcast on December 23, 2007 a part of the Winter Solstice Webcastathon, and our topic was "intercultural insights."  It was the least planned of all of our shows, but I feel it was the best, since the conversation was more natural.  I again volunteered to record, edit, and stream... I was determined to get it right this time!  And it was a success.  Yippee!  Dennis was a master at facilitating the discussion.  He is very knowledgeabe about different cultures and has had a lot of very interesting experiences.  He drew both Derrall and I into the conversation by asking good questions.  This show was an entire hour.  I spent a lot of time with the editing process, deleting all the ums and long pauses, and adding music to the beginning and the end.  The three of us want to continue to produce shows together on a regular basis.

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