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Google Calendar for Webcasting on

Here's an attempt at web-publishing of a Google calendar. All times GMT.



Doug this looks great. You are always pushing us all ahead. Thank you!

A question- I'm still getting used to GMT - Teachers Teaching Teachers is 9pm eastern time so should that be 1am Thurs? or is the 2am correct?


Daylight savings time

Hi Susan,

You're right--I think the "issue" that arose here is the switch to Daylight Savings Time here in North America. I never understood why some people were so keen to get rid of changing clocks in the the spring and fall--now I know too well ;-)

I think what I'll do is update the Webcastacademy calendar (as opposed to the the worldbridges one up now) and post it here. I'll also add edit capabilities for all those affiliated so that we can take it for a test drive to see if it'll work for our purposes. Depending on what people think, I may also set it's time to "Eastern" (North America) given that the bulk of class 1.1 is in or around this "time zone."

Looking forward to solving the calendaring problem, which, of course, will become more critical as we get more shows on the network.



Looks promising

Hey Doug,

Looks promising. Thanks for getting the calendar together. What is your take on how easy it will be to have mutliple users posting information and on multi-timezone friendliness?


Need to research more, but....

Hey JL,

I'm optimistic. I have to do some more research on time zones and "best practices" but I'm hopeful that we'll be able to come up with something.
As mentioned in my response to Susan, I'll post another calendar here and make sure interns and affiliates have edit/write access so we can take it for a testdrive.



I'm already hooked!

Hi Doug, I have the Worldbridges google calender on my iCal, a mac calender that automatically updates every hour! I love how it is working but was getting lonely. Every time I checked the worldbridges schedule, there was virtually nothing on it. I was thinking how well it worked and was going to vote that we keep this as our calender option. I am delighted and thank you for finding it and setting it up. I had assumed we already had read/write access so I am glad you will set that up soon.

should be ready to go

Hi Lee,

You should be able to edit/write to the calendar -- please let me know if you have difficulties. I've done some more checking and there is a java-based script that will allow for autogeneration of calendar content using an API (application programming interface) from Google; however, the web interface now also offers an HTML link that we'll be able to use to link to a representation of the calendar that's viewable via web browsers. Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the calendar. I'm especially interested in hearing how you get along with adding/editing calendar entries and how accurate the time zone information is for viewers and contributors.




Hi Lee - Could you please post how you got it into your iCal? I'd like to do that too.

calender - autoUpdate in iCal

Hi Susan, The way I have done this is to go to google calenders, click on the down arrow on the calender you want to subscribe to and you will see a settings link. There you will see a place to select the Calender copy the address. Go to iCal, click on Calender...Subscribe.... and paste the address in the Subscribe To window. Hope this helps. Lee


Response from Google concerning TimeZone and DaylightSavingsTime

Here is a response from Google -- (see original question below response)

Hi Lee,

Thank you for your note. The "Eastern Time (Us & Canada)" time zone
automatically takes daylight savings time into consideration and adjusts
accordingly. If your events are currently displaying an hour off, please
let us know and we'll investigate further.

It also sounds like you're interested in how your shared calendar will be
viewed when the shared users are in different time zones. When you share
your calendar with other Google Calendar users, the events scheduled on
that calendar will be displayed according to each user's general calendar
settings. When you enter events according to your time zone, the event
will automatically adjust to the time zone of your shared user when they
view it in their own Google Calendar service. To check your time zone
settings, follow the instructions at

We appreciate your interest in Google Calendar.

The Google Team

Find answers, ask questions, and share your expertise with others in the
Google Calendar Help Group at

Original Message Follows:
Subject: daylight savings time
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 17:25:57 -0000

i am us eastern standard time. how do i select the option to allow for
daylight savings time? Also, if i am sharing a calender with people from
around the world, how do i enter my events? I am eastern standard time. If
i enter my events in gmt, will it automatically change it to other
people's time zone or do I enter it in est and it automatically changes
it to gmt or each person's time zone if they have their option settings
set for their own time zone?


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