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Madeline Brownstone Introduction

Second time around, so this is a new audio introduction.


You hit the nail on the head!

Like you, I never though of myself as shy, but this whole recording yourself thing is right in my face.  So apprehensive!!  And yet, have been making students in my class do it.  Hopefully this class will give me confidence and let me practice what I preach.


Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University

Thank you for your support

Yeah, the shy thing surprised me. I never thought of my self as shy before I said it. But there is something to it. The mic brings it out. I have tried using phone podcasting through Gcast with some of my shy students and it removed the barrier.  Kids are so phone crazy. (See the Gcasts on I HATE talking on the phone. Hmmmmm. Thant might be key.


Your intro

Hi Madeline--

Great job in the intro! Great getting to know a bit about you and I hope you're able to reach your goals with WA! My background is in engineering and have quite a few friends in various engineering and IT positions, so if you're ever stuck to find a suitable interviewee, please let me know if I can help!


Let's Talk


Thank you for your kind offer to be an interviewee. Please write to me at:  so I have your email address and can discuss the possibilities with you.


Welcome back!

Hi Madeline!  So glad you are coming back to join the Class of 2.4.  I know that you'll get plenty of support and encouragement to move forward towards your goals.   Nice job with audio quality & specs. 

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

Hi Madeline.  Your

Hi Madeline.  Your recording sounds great.  Like you, I never thought of myself as being shy until doing this.  I conduct professional development to teachers here in NC on integrating technology and thought I would be able to jump right in on this webcasting stuff.  I was looking for a way to stretch my knowledge a bit.  I have found that I'm quite shy here and am trying to figure out why.  I look forward to working and learning from you as we go through Webcast Academy 2.4 together.   

Deborah B Goodman

Thanks for your support.

The shy factor just crept in there. Never before thought of myself as shy. The headset and mic bring that out in me I suppose. Or is it not seeing one's audience?


audio | by Dr. Radut