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Deborah Goodman Class of 2.4 Audio-Intro

Here is upload number 2.  I forgot to change the rate when exporting to MP3. So, here goes again.


Sounds like your state is

Sounds like your state is moving in the right direction. 

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University


Hi Deborah,

Your intro sounds so natural - like you're a pro!! Good luck and I'm looking forward to working together in this group! 

Nice intro :)

Hi Deborah!

Great intro! I'm excited to hear more about what you do. One of my goals is to figure out how to help those who find tech "just another thing to learn/do" when I really want it to be something fun that also helps them do their job easier. Sounds like that's your expertise!

Looking forward to more connection with you!



Deborah's intro

So glad you are back!  Your job sounds similar to what I do.  Isn't it great?  Good job with your audio quality and specs.  Remember to name files without spaces, like this: lastname_intro_2008-01-20. 

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

audio | by Dr. Radut