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Get this party started!

Finally feeling like I "get" what I'm supposed to do with this! A lot of that has to do with the first class (but missed the second... have to go back and listen to that!) and reading around on the website. This is a great community! Really liking that I can listen to other people's projects/ideas/intros and that we'll continue to work together. Great collaborative environment that I hope to try to re-create in part at my school. 

My next things to try are Yugma and Jing. I've played with Jing a little, but not published a real project. There are so many things I can see this be useful for, especially Professional Development at my school. It's perfectly targeted info!

Excited about what comes next and looking forward to working more with everyone!


Bloggers get Yugma Premium for one year - free

If you are a blogger and write about Yugma, you qualify for a Premium acct with Yugma for one year. 

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

Yugma Free Premium Acct for Bloggers

In case you didn't know, Yugma is giving out free Premium accounts (has more features than the free version) to bloggers.  I posted the info about it on my blog; you can check there for the link and procedure if you are a blogger.  Yugma is fun and easy to use.

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

Yugma pro free?

Hi Pam--

Thanks for hte comment. I did download Yugma, but it seemed to be saying that I will only have it free for a trial period of time. Do you know a way to get it permanently free?

Thanks :)



Spontania Skype Edition... like Yugma

Spontania Video Collaboration is an amazing product that enables you to host your own video conferences with up to 4 people while using Skype to support the voice part of the conference. All for free and Skype approved.
Spontania Video Collaboration enables anyone in a conference to share a view of any application on their desktop with the other participants. Share a presentation, spreadsheet, or your family vacation photo album in real time.


Very cool!

Thanks James! I'll check that out. It looks like it's a replacement for Yugma... am I right?

thanks for sharing :)

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