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Holy Moly, lots to learn and already playing catch up!!

I was traveling yesterday, had been in Kansas City to watch my daughter perform, so did not return home in time to participate live.  I am listening to the recording of the session.  Learning lots, but discovered I hate just listening and not participating.  So, hopefully life does not get in the way too often.  Ok, I know I am dreaming, but my intentions are good.  

I have been reading and exploring the Mac possibilities -- Audio Hijack, NiceCast and WireTap.  Trying to decide what would be best to use, I suspect I should try all three. What I really should do is grab a windows machine and try it that way as well so I can answer questions for my students and unfortunately own a PC.  Yes, there is my bias, I think everyone should own a Mac. 

I am so excited there are so many MAC users in the WCA.  Macs rule!!!

I notice WCA is using Drupal, hmmm... why, just curious, guess I need to explore.

Posted my short introduction this morning. Looking forward to comments.

And I would like to invite everyone to participate with my students (future teachers) Ning site this semester.  We need Teachers From the Trenches to participate in our discussions weekly. Don't feel obligated to reply/comment each week, but we would love if you did.  Let me thank you in advance.

OK, off to try to learn what I need for this weeks assignments and grading from ,y Educational Technology class for this first few days of my two online classes.

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