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Karen Dennis...slowly but surely, starting to get it!

I am now starting to believe that I can do this!  I was so excited today after I posted my first audio recording using Audacity.  I like how this academy is taking me in managable steps toward my goal of becoming a webcaster.  I find that I am a bit intimidated, not quite sure what to do, but after spending some time navigating around the website, I find the answers I need in order to do what I need to do.  I am very grateful knowing there is so much support out there, helping me to get to my goals.  It still just amazes me that we are a group of people all with an interest in learning how to webcast, and we are able to all come together on Sunday afternoons (at least for me in Illinois it is afternoon) even though we are from different parts of the globe.  How cool is that!!  I want to be able to have the ability to gather people together from all parts of the world in a webcast that I host!  This is what keeps me plugging away....listening and learning!

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