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Jess McCulloch Introduction

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I'm Jess, I teach Chinese in a small country school in Victoria, Australia. I'd love to create a webcast show with my students, and maybe Jo McLeay will have me on her show too! Looking forward to it.


Loved the music

I really enjoyed how you set the mood with the music and the pacing of your voice, I felt like I was listening to an opening to Chinesepod. You have me ready to download your podcasts if you do any beginning Mandarin dialogue. You may have started late, but you met most of the assignment requirements, just the issue of bitrate as Pam said and also the naming conventions for audio files when you saved (your-name-Introduction-2008-1-24.mp3)

Hello Jess!Wow you have a

Hello Jess!

Wow you have a busy job working with such a wide range of student age groups!  You can't complain too much about the 6 am sessions since you are on summer vacation!  Great job with this project-your sound quality was excellent and I liked the lead in!  Looking forward to working you at the webcast academy!

Matt Montagne

Milwaukee, Wisconsion in the USA




How lovely to include music in your intro. Your voice is excellent 

Jo McLeay Blog:

Very Nice

Enjoyed your into, it was clean and clear and interesting.

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn Opening Minds from Fort Hays State University

Hello Jess

Hi Jess, I'm glad you decided to join us!  I enjoyed listening to your audio intro.  The music intro is a nice touch!  I have never heard the term LOTE, so I already learned something from you!  Here's a few things to remember for future audio posts:  remember to include the date in the filename (for archiving purposes), to have the bitrate set to 64, and to change the genre to education or speech.

Pam Shoemaker, Co-facilitator Class of 2.4

I am located in Wenzhou China

Hi Jess,

I am so glad to hear from someone like you teaching Chinese/Mandarin coming from a western country at webcast acadenmy. It's nice to be in class 2.4 with you. And I look forward to work together soon.

Jane Jiang/SpiceCN/Jiang La

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