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Julie Lindsay Introduction


Global Learning

I will love to see how you develop your ideas and plans for communicating with an audience of global learners. You did a great job summarizing so much information concisely and with just the right amount of detail to give me a good sense of who you are and where you will be going with what you are learning. Your audio file is good naming specifications, sample rate is fine, but the bitrate needs to be set at 64. Great start.

Always wanted to go to Qutar

I always wanted to go to Qutar and Dubai.  

I am an avid golfer, and I have heard some of the best courses in the world are in your neck of the woods. 

Hello Julie-Very nice audio

Hello Julie-

Very nice audio introduction!  You have a wonderful "Radio" voice-you are a natural for this  format!  Very interesting to hear a little about your experience working in Qatar...I look forward to working with you during our experience in class 2.4.2!

 Cheers from Milwaukee, WI USA!

Matt Montagne


audio | by Dr. Radut