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Paul McLean - Recording of Skype Two Way Call - 02/01/08

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I had a good time with this one.  I decided to be both sides of the skype call.

I have a Skype Out account so I used that to call my regular phone.

I then answered the regular phone and alternated between the two phones using two different voices.  I used the mute buttons to make sure there was no bleeding.


This was made a little more difficult then it needed to be since I did not have a USB microphone.  I spent a great deal of time configuring the sound card mike to recored two way skype without feedback, hiss, clicking, etc.  I finally got a setting that worked pretty good.


Finally, I was able to use audacity to clean things up a bit.


I think it came out fairly well.


I hope you enjoy it. 



Fun and creative again

Do I detect a trend in your recordings. I would have preferred to hear Cornholio, but then that is my personal favorite. There was some background noise but this will probably be solved when you use a USB mike.

I would have liked to do Cornholio as well.

I would have liked to do Carnholio as well.  However, I felt people would have objected to any reference to TP for my b***hole.



Such talent among us...


Just love it. You are having a lot of fun with this. I must remember to not vex myself so much. Let myself have fun. Thanks for bringing me there.

Make it fun and it does not seem so much like work.

My philosophy is to make it fun so that it does not seem so much like an assignment.


Well, I guess there are different ways to accomplish a task. 

Jose Rodriguez, 3rd Grade Teacher, It's Elementary Webcast

Glad you enjoyed it.

I am glad you like it.


I tend to always do things a little differntly 

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